Colour salads is a phrase that tends to tumble from the lips of many a visitor to Babylonstoren‘s Babel restaurant. It’s one of their simplest and loveliest odes to the gardens they grow. By focusing on colour first, they’ve taught us how to listen to the seasons and take a page from nature’s cookbook. Here’s why we love colour salads, our tips for making your own and some of Babylonstoren’s very own salad dressings.

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On our last visit to Babylonstoren, we were lucky enough to enjoy a meal at their Babel restaurant but instead of scouring every ingredient to finally decide on a dish, we chose the meals that whispered to our emotions. Red for vibrancy or green for calm. Isn’t that an interesting way to give your body what it’s silently asking for? Create one at home and experience this for yourself.

Some things to keep in mind when making your own colour salads

  • See what’s currently in season and then pick a colour to build your salad around, it’s incredible how Mother Nature’s seasonal fruits and veggies allude to ever present taste harmonies.
  • Once you’ve settled on a colour (make it a quick choice, what colour speaks to you?) select only a few veg from that spectrum.
  • Don’t forget about fruits, they play off each other rather nicely.
  • Think about herbs to add, edible flowers, nuts and legumes that can adorn your dish, you may even want to serve it on a banana palm leaf?

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