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I’m Andrèa, artist, writer, naturalist type – a freelance creative with diverse skill sets and a woman with many passions and ideas. You’ve landed on my digital fingerprint of sorts. Here you’ll find not only my portfolio of work, both written and aesthetic, but also my creative warren, a home for things I find beautiful, joyful and worth bringing into being.

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Witnessing the Togetherness
Witnessing The Togetherness — Lessons from Zosterops Virens, the Cape White Eye — They make no announcement of their coming Quite suddenly they are just all there Together A family of Cape White Eyes I try to count exactly how many But they flit and weave too fast...
Slowing down in Hong Kong | Are you a traveller or a tourist?
There are a few fundamental differences between being a traveller and being a tourist. Nothing is wrong with either. In fact, different stages of our lives will call for either one or the other. While being a tourist can be a lot of fun in the moment, I've noticed...
Answering the calling of cats
If I’d never lain down on the cleanly swept concrete pavers that afternoon, I would never have uncovered what cats, domestic and wild, have known for centuries. Namely that once the sun has retracted her searing sharp rays, there, where the earth, clay or in this case...
Can You Age Like The Woods?
How to age gracefully: A short story and poem delivered by nature   My days return me to the forest, not as part of a stay-fit regime or a habit that must be upheld. But rather in the way that the ocean keeps drawing in her waters after every spill onto the...

the feditorial.

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“It’s the pondering that matters.

Not the size of the pond you’re doing it in.” – a.f.


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