Nothing in life is certain. Not your family, not your career, not your friends, not your understanding of home.

As nature intended it, we are all constantly evolving — our biggest pain often springing from our very desperate and firm grasp on expectation and pre-conceived ideals.

Certainty is something I’ve come to understand as a hindering, rather than a structural requirement, to a happy life. It’s presence lulling me into a false sense of stability before the next lesson, masquerading as a dramatic plot twist, knocks me off my feet.

This is not meant to be a doom’s day post. Nor a long one.

Anyone who shared a particularly quirky marketing meeting with me some time ago in a different life, where the discussion centred around having hairy, audacious goals, might recall me proclaiming my desire to slack line successfully across a great-ish distance over some more-or-less fear overcoming height.

Inspired by the freedom of Faith Dickey, the seed to slack was planted in my heart some years ago at a Banf Film Festival screening. And my mother, bless her soul, as terrified as she might be by this crazy, non-comprehendible pipe dream of her daughter’s— gifted me a 15m Firestarter Slack Line Kit for Christmas last year. ‘Chase those dreams, you wild child’ she said.

And I agree with Faith, it’s not that you’re chasing death, but for me, in this crazy, beautiful, uncertain world — the key to happiness lies in navigating the journey with balance.

2017 is the year of hairy, audaciousness for me, in many respects. Having spent the better part of my life learning and listening to the language of my heart, I am comfortable with the knowing that I don’t need to know why something has presented itself, except that it has.

The call to break from the known, to be the potato-sustained painter, the metaphorical thinking ideator and experientially hungry travel/life writer — all those are deep belly rumblings to acknowledge innateness within.

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