If writing is my first love, then anything and everything to do with discovering, eating, cooking or sharing food in all its many wonderful guises, is my second. I’ve had the pleasure of crafting food oriented content for Yuppiechef, Faithful to Nature and Food24. I’m no food stylist but when it comes to German baking and health-oriented dishes, I enjoy creating the recipes and photographing them as part of my content creation.

Easy, gluten-free Gingerbread biscuits

The festive season can be a bit rough on even the healthiest person’s diet. So, while I might forego as much sugar as possible during the year, there’s no way I’ll turn down cinnamon roasted almonds over Christmas. That being said, when there is a way to up the health...

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6 reasons why craft beer is the healthier choice

Craft beer is like the sun. No, we haven’t elevated it to deity status and now worship it like Ra (although we’re sure there were pagan Germanic tribes that used to). No, we mean that like the sun, craft beer, in measured doses, can be the healthy vitamin your body...

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Eat with your eyes and make a colour salad

Colour salads is a phrase that tends to tumble from the lips of many a visitor to Babylonstoren‘s Babel restaurant. It’s one of their simplest and loveliest odes to the gardens they grow. By focusing on colour first, they’ve taught us how to listen to the seasons and...

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How to make a gingerbread house

Feeling advent-urous this Christmas? Why not dive into a long-standing European tradition and build your very own gingerbread house. You can make your house as intricate as the boundaries of your creativity allow but here’s a simple one to start off with. Here’s how...

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Karen from Babylonstoren shares her beetroot bread

There are some places you visit, some foods that you have the pleasure of tasting, that never leave your memories. On our visit to Babylonstoren last year, we had the privilege of being invited into Karen Pretorius, head baker’s kitchen. Amid learning about the gentle...

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Here’s how to make the ideal chai tea

Have you ever had the experience of tasting a dish or drink, that you’ve had many times before, in a completely foreign location and suddenly you’re seeing it in a whole new light? I had that with the most wonderful cup of chai tea not too long ago, on a trip to the...

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Fragrant nasi goreng with chicken and broccoli

Nasi goreng, or fried rice, is the meal I grew up eating. Mom made Indonesian meals for dinner often and Sunday Lunch with grandpa always involved a massive spread of nasi with all its side salads, sambals and krupuk (prawn chips). Here’s a fragrant version made with...

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The ultimate green juice health tonic

Unless you’re already a happy juicer, a green juice is not the sort of beverage you crave. More like the kind you scrunch your face up over. No, you crave liquids with caffeine, sugar, bubbles and fizz. But what if I told you that it was because your body has never...

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A strawberry juice fit for summer sipping

Juicing (and by extension juicers) are heroes at upping your fruit and veg intake but risk becoming the sensible aunt of kitchen tools and techniques. Yes, juicing is great for getting in those greens you normally wrinkle your nose at, but it can also breathe new life...

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