When I was a little girl, I discovered my mother’s Margaret Roberts book on homemade herbal tinctures and beauty potions. That was my turning point – realizing I didn’t need to rely on the stuff everyone bought from pharmacies and convenience shops. I recall one occasion where I decided to brew up a hair rinse promising shine like you’ve never seen. All I needed were some basil leaves and luckily we had those growing in abundance. Sure enough, I was showered with awe-struck complements by fellow 7th graders at school the next day about my glimmering tresses. Inside I was bubbling with pride that it was an all-natural tonic I had whipped up myself. Later that evening, however, I got my backside handed to me on a platter for denuding my stepdad’s habanero, not basil, chilli plants. I may have had a way to go still in finessing my horticultural know-how, but it turns out I had discovered a hair tonic that Ms Roberts herself didn’t even know about. I remained chuffed as ever.

It turns out eggs have a trick up their au-natural sleeves -the promise of slick, black lashes. I stumbled upon ‘eggscara’ during a recent web poke session for any natural waterproof mascara brands out there. Deep in the folds of a comment thread, one reader mentioned eggscara, at which point I let out an incredulous, “Whaaaaaaah….?” Well, this I just had to try for myself.

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