Food-tuition is a content series myself, a former colleague and collaborating food stylist, Tanya Heathcote, conceptualised during my time at Yuppiechef. The aim of this series was to cultivate a deeper and genuine engagement with the brand, a journey of self discovery. Based on the slow sensory awakening one experiences during a Vipassana 10-day silent meditation, this 6 part content series (which would be received either via a weekly email or as a singular download) invites the reader to delve deeper into the senses as well as develop an understanding of mindfulness towards food. With each article and supporting recipe geared specifically towards enriching either sight, sound, texture, aroma, taste or awareness it aims to re-instil or give rise to a sense of intuitive connection to food – hence the name Food-tuition.

With Tanya’s knowledge of recipe development and food styling and my background in set design and love of storytelling, we were able to cultivate a space we believed stimulated the senses in a richly intoxicating manner, inspiring people to get up off the couch and discover the joy of cooking for themselves.

Here’s a selection of images created for the Food Tuition content series and their accompanying conceptual recipes.

During the execution and styling of these shots, it was important to me to work with varying angles, which would not only capture a homeliness, but also a sense of playfulness and open up an achievable, almost haphazard ordinariness which the reader could live themselves into. For me, good content should be inspiring and beautiful while offering an easy comfort, a place the reader can access an achievability rather than feeling intimidated by the seeming “perfection” of the shot. Lea Crafford was the photographer on this shoot and I thought she did an exceptional job at capturing the feel we were looking to create.

Mindful – Discovering Awareness in Bruschettas

Aroma – Home baked bread

Texture – Crispy, crunchy salmon pizzas

Sound – The sizzling frittata

Sight – Behold the abundant veg

Taste – A culmination of spice

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