The type of product content I specialise in writing is not the copy you would find on the product pages of an e-commerce site. I write the kind of product content through which you get to know the hows and whys of a product better. There’s either a background story as to how it came into existence, a niche use or trend market that makes it unusual or a personal experience that reflects the value the product brings. Here are some examples of product content written for, League of Beers and Faithful to Nature, both in the blog content space as well as in newsletters.

Faithful to Nature Newsletter Sampling

I've worked with the Faithful to Nature team for close on a year in various iterations, some full time heading up all content aspects of the marketing team (from photography to content, copy and design) and some part time focusing solely on content and copywriting....

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Why you should join the #stopthe100billion movement

It’s safe to say we live in a pretty fast moving world. And in our best efforts to succeed in this world, we’ve become rather dependent on the caffeinated fuel that keeps us going – coffee. But for all the many cups we buy, surely there is a displacement somewhere?...

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What’s the deal with American craft beer?

The craft beer revolution that we know and love here in SA has a lot to thank the good old USA for. In fact, the US has in many ways spear-headed the craft beer movement and inspired and influenced many of the great brews we find lining the League of Beers shelves...

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3 reasons you should be cooking with a pestle and mortar

A slow, rolling thunder fills the kitchen. The anticipation of something spectacular reverberates on the counter. It’s an earthly sound, quite unlike the electric churn of a kitchen appliance: the rhythmic rumble of a pestle and mortar. It is said to be one of the...

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How to make great coffee with the AeroPress

Sometimes the ‘right way up’ isn’t the only way to get things done. With the AeroPress Coffee Maker you can turn coffee making on its head and experience a whole new appreciation for the bean. Here are the steps for the traditional as well as the inverted method of...

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