In hindsight, it’s always been about cultivating an understanding of the story; the reason why I write. Getting down to the truth, finding the ‘why’, the insight, behind any experience or adventure is the kernel that inspires me to share a different perspective through writing. Mostly I find this connection in metaphors. Thinking creatively about life, allowing fields of reference to pool into one, has given me a way to extract the commonality from a story so that it resonates with a broader audience.

I grew up in a family of book publishers, librarians and map makers, always musing about journeys, picturesque words and the topography of life. My mother taught me from a very young age that I could always find the answer to my plethora of ‘why’s in the pages of a book (that is before Google came along). And then there was my grandmother, with her patiently told tales of life on a farm in Groot Marico; South Africa’s North West.

I pursued my eagerness to express the world around me through qualifications in Art Direction for production design, film and theatre, followed by a 3-year journey working as a prototype restoration artist and designer for Carrol Boyes. Soon after I changed my trajectory deciding, that while no qualification backed me up on this, it was my writing all along that brought me the deepest sense of connection to others.

After a year of writing content for travel and entertainment brands, I found roots conceptualising, writing and managing content execution for a handful of exciting e-commerce brands. I spent 4 years crafting and conceptualising content on all things culinary and craft beer for Yuppiechef and League of Beers. Later, I found myself writing and positioning newsletter content in the sustainable living spectrum for online store, Faithful to Nature.

Throughout, I’ve always strived to connect the dots and highlight similarities in the collective. My biggest sense of reward time and again comes, when content is conceptualised and created for the pure purpose of giving to the customer, only to delight and inspire. Whether this is heartfelt vulnerability and honesty, original and delighting recipe content or offering extraordinary clarity stripped away of any marketing ploy – this is the content that time and again bowls me over with its overwhelming response, gratitude and engagement. Brands that understand that are pure joy to collaborate with.

My overarching desire to travel and explore more of the world in order to better understand all of this, while working from where-ever my hunger and curiosity takes me, is why I now fly solo, happy to connect and create with any resonating brands that cross my path.

I hope to be able to connect with a diverse range of brands, on food, health and spirituality rich lifestyles and travel, together crafting content and well-told stories able to bridge divides, connecting their readers with value adding and enriching content.

After all, birds of a feather…