A journey of painting them and painting with them.

The Dark & The Light

My first two feathers. Opposites found that echo the light and the dark in all of us, neither fully complete without sentiments of the other.

The Dark & The Light

Getting stuck in with detail

Female & Male

We all love differently, some shooting straight from the heart, while others reveal their heart more gently. This way of loving is not predetermined by our sexuality. There is no male and female way of loving. There is only love.

Part Female

Is this what femine love feels like? Or is it man who shoots the broader gentler arrowed approach to love?

Part Male

Is this what masculine love feels like? Or is it woman who pierces deeper with her arrows of affection?

A wildness emerges

New feathers were in the making. But a different technique was calling to me…

The third pair

Look how beautifully the white arches of these two feathers echo each other! Definite symmetry there.

Sketching forms

Placing vague outlines before the sculpting begins

Wild one

If extroverts were feathers, their energy wings would feel like this.

The contained one

The introvert feather base shape is on the board – and a foot for good proportion measure!

The wild feather call gets stronger

“Don’t just paint us. Paint with us”, I hear them calling.


The completed feather – painted with feather and palette knife, acrylic and texture paint on hardboard.


Painted with feathers, acrylic on hardboard

A happy artist is an uncontained artist

Finally painting feathers feels like painting feathers.