While working at Yuppiechef.com, one clever marketing guru had the idea to turn the wonderful recipes created into downloadable desktop wallpapers. I always enjoyed writing the introductory snippets for this series as a light and fun way to connect with our community on a gentler inspirational note. These are some of my favourites:

Simple is best with October’s free wallpaper

I don’t know about you but I have an uncanny knack to overcomplicate things. Over interpreting conversations, entangling myself in systems and situations and at the end of a hard day, cooking something that is better reserved for Sunday Lunches. This beautiful salad however, a red robot in the middle of all the rushing, pungent with basil and balsamic, inspires me to live simpler and lighter. In the clean, unadorned flavours I find clarity. An honest meal can be wise in so many ways.

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Get a cozy choux in with a free wallpaper for May

You draw back the curtains, freshly brewed coffee in hand, and stare at the moody grey scene. Going outside may well be an adventure but the warmth indoors beckons you back into the kitchen where a different kind of adventure awaits you. Colder months are the perfect time for indulging in new culinary lessons, or spending a few hours perfecting something as satisfying as the classic eclair. Whatever your kitchen adventure, we hope this free wallpaper for May inspires you to do something you’ve never done before and then to be brave enough to do it again for some warmth and company seeking friends.


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Monochromatic moods for a free wallpaper for July

In the bloom of spring and summer, our senses are overwhelmed by fragrant aroma and vibrant hues. Now that we once again find ourselves in the darkest, wettest throes of winter, I notice myself discovering the textured layers in the world around us and seeking them out in all my culinary cravings; bold soups accompanied by crunchy bruschetta and toasted pumpkin seeds or roasted vine tomato flecked with the cracking grind of salt and pepper.While scent and colour might allow us to engage with the lofty aspirations of our heads and hearts, textures evoke the visceral within us. Be inspired to seek out the balance of rough and smooth with our free wallpaper for July and I guarantee your hungry winter heart will thank you for it.


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The magic is in the details with a free wallpaper for April

So much of the joy derived from a beautiful spread of food is hidden in the kitchen. It’s where a process of intuitive or even assisted culinary creation can come to life. The colander filled with crisp root veg dappled with fresh water droplets, ready to become a meal, or an offensively plump and juicy tomato teetering on the chopping board, anticipating the sweet release of a chef’s knife – these are some of the beautiful and bizarre moments that capture a foodie’s heart.As autumn draws in around us, vibrant colours transforming the landscape, we’re taking note of change and of the unfolding of any journey. So for our free wallpaper for April we wanted to inspire you – not to create something specific but simply to find your love for cooking in the ordinary every day moments of food.


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Mull things over with a free wallpaper for June

A cinnamon infused pot of red wine simmering on low heat, clove studded orange halves bobbing around like inebriated, little lady bugs and a crackling fire – two of my favourite things about winter. Traditionally mulled wine is a festive drink, but in our icy winters and baking hot summers, this is a recipe better suited to our mid year months. Get snug, get spiced and get this free wallpaper for June on your screen, to remind you that really, winter can be wonderful too.


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Get up close and personal with November’s free wallpaper

I love raspberries. I pop one on each finger and do horse racing impressions and then gobble them up one by one – each more delicious than the last. This beautiful berry galette, coming up on the blog soon, is a reminder for me of the many possible spontaneities the ever increasing mercury gives us. Bake something wonderful and get up close and personal with summer.
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Give yourself room to think with September’s free wallpaper

Ever noticed how during the winter months, we layer up more than just our clothes? The shutters and curtains stay closed for longer, our offices and homes pile up with magazines, board games, blankets and mugs of tea — everything we need to stay snug without venturing beyond our comfort zone. As we now find ourselves creeping towards spring, we naturally want to shrug off that heavy load, in our wardrobes as well as our work and living spaces — reducing the layers of complexity we’ve cocooned ourselves into for winter.Here at Yuppiechef, we’ve dubbed September ‘The Big Spring Clean’. As a team we’re taking it upon ourselves to question the way we work, what we can strip away and where we can lighten our work processes as well as our environment. Boxes are being thrown out, desks reshuffled, meetings reconsidered, the odd wall repainted and of course our screens redressed in something light, minimal and inspiring — September’s free wallpaper.


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Snippets originally written for and published on Yuppiechef.com as part of a downloadable wallpaper series