Brand stories, being the content that shapes a reader’s perception or understanding of a brand, can run the risk of sounding like a media press release. What I always look to discover behind the digital or polished marketing veneer is the seed at the centre. What gave rise to its existence and what lies in the potential wealth of human overlap at the heart of any brand? I look for relatable honesty and endeavour to ask the questions that peel away more layers of the onion. These are some examples of brand content written for the e-commerce sites; Yuppiechef, League of Beers and Faithful to Nature.

The Citizen Story

Possibly the best thing about craft beer, after you’ve cracked open that unique brew and admired the fine label design, is the story that lives on behind the beginnings of each bottle. This month, we’ve been enjoying our Citizen beers here at League of Beers and...

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The story behind Overgaauw

Breaking away from the humid drone of the city into the cool, fresh air of the Stellenbosch wine region is something we recommend you do as often as time and tide allow. And just so that you don’t waste any thinking about where to go on just such a city getaway, we’ve...

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Love Milo: when a maternal love births homegrown ceramics

They say having a baby will change your life. We always assume they mean what happens when the little human becomes forever a part of your journey. But how often do you hear a story where actually having the baby – literally with you for the 9 months before his...

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