Lifestyle content can swing two ways in my book. The first comes about when there is no product, brand or recipe to generate customer facing content around, but there is still a question. It can be around any number of aspects around custom, tradition or even trends and habits. If explored in a meaningful way, this type of content could provide a valuable connection with your audience because you’ve taken the time to find the overlap in your objectives and their needs.  The second is lighter and filled with inspiration. It becomes a space where I like to intuitively tap into what an audience might want to read to be inspired or delighted and then go about finding the most creative way to bring that to life. These are some examples of my lifestyle content writing.

Myth or magic: does toast always land butter side down?

What is it with toast that always causes it to land with it’s beautifully buttered face flat on the floor? Is it a myth or is it magic? We decided to investigate the flip side of this kitchen conundrum. While we knew deep down inside that it was all rather rhetorical...

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Can you think yourself well?

We use our grey matter every day – to solve problems, analyse, and often, to plain old’ overthink stuff. It’s this overthinking that brings about so much stress and anxiety – the comparisons, the second-guessing, the self-doubt. And yet, why when we use this powerful...

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Kind-er Eggs for Easter | An eco DIY content project

Faithful to Nature were looking for some zero waste eco Easter DIY content for their blog. I decided to experiment and combine red onion skin dying with plant matter printing into one, kid and planet friendly holiday project. HOW TO DECORATE EASTER EGGS USING NATURAL...

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Why you should join the #stopthe100billion movement

It’s safe to say we live in a pretty fast moving world. And in our best efforts to succeed in this world, we’ve become rather dependent on the caffeinated fuel that keeps us going – coffee. But for all the many cups we buy, surely there is a displacement somewhere?...

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A slacker’s quest for balance in a wobbly world

Nothing in life is certain. Not your family, not your career, not your friends, not your understanding of home. As nature intended it, we are all constantly evolving — our biggest pain often springing from our very desperate and firm grasp on expectation and...

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Why Beer is Better

I was approached to write the argument for why beer is better for the Superbalist Beer vs Wine debate in The Way of Us while heading up the League of Beers crafty content. They wanted a woman's opinion who actually drank beer. This is what they got. “If she prefers...

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