The way we see it, there are two ways to tackle winter. The first way, much embraced by the masses, is to grimace out the window, wishing away the palette of grey and lashings of rain. This way also involves scurrying through your day, swaddled in blankets, counting down the hours until you can once again cocoon yourself in the layers of hibernation–popcorn and latest series fetish at the ready. The second way is the better way, and we’ll tell you why.This year, partly because we’re rebelling against the insidious chill gusting through our corridors, we’re tackling winter by embracing the corny, totally not-new-age invention of Christmas in July. Why? There are several great reasons. Listen up.

Why Christmas in July is the best way to have fun this winter

If all you’re hearing is Christmas, then allow us to help you read between the lines. We’re doing it and here’s why we think you should too.

It’s social

We’ve definitely noticed, even within our walls that people tend to huddle up in this nippy weather. But what happens when you fill a room full of bodies? That’s right – it gets toasty. So, instead of surrendering to the well-worn dip in your couch, dial up your crowd of crazies and begin to plot and plan.

All the best, none of the stressed

We can all agree, everyone loves the real Christmas. Here in the south, that means, summer and family and outdoor relaxation. But, lest us not forget, before that one day of enjoyment, there are weeks of scampering around like headless chickens, matching up the perfect present for uncle Lionel and little Amber. Christmas in July, however, will not burden you with gift shopping. All it asks is that you rock up and razzle.

The bitter cold is bittersweet

While we have come to love our version of December Christmases, it does exclude us from all the cozy comforts served up by our snow-privy in brethren up north. Not so much with Christmas in July. The snowcapped mountains further inland, sheets of rain along the coast and icy temperatures all round are the perfect conditions to embrace ugly festive sweaters, knitted mitts, decadent hot chocolate, the pungent aroma of citrus swirling in glühwein and oven baked comforts and roasted nuts. This really can be the most wonderful time of the year.

Your party – your call

For all their quirks and annoying albeit charming idiosyncrasies, family comes with a wee bit of baggage. Friends, neighbours, and colleagues, on the other hand, are a different band of crazies, your tribe if you will. They’re the ones you can merrily let your hair down around, but also shush when they’ve told the same joke too many times and generally there are no hard feelings – just hard tack in the eggnog.

No glitter and tinsel

This festivity as we see it requires none of the bauble regalia and tinsel tossing about. Keep it classy. Stick to cosy candle lighting, log fires, and fairy lights. If you must decor it up, of course, go right ahead, but since its Christmas in July, we’re drawing our inspiration from local flora and forest greens and keeping the event minimalist, as well as easy to set up and clean up.

Quite frankly, there are many reasons why Christmas in July is a wonderful reason and our preferred way of celebrating the coldest month of winter.

Stick with us this month, for some great inspiration recipes, tips and giveaways to inspire the ultimate winter holiday celebration and of course to see how our own internal Christmas in July staff party turns out. Let the winter merriment begin.

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