Travel is glorious. It’s unnerving and almost never works out as planned. The charm to writing about travel is that the story can’t be planned or curated and therefore requires complete openness and transparency to whatever the journey has to offer you. My hunger to throw myself at the world like paint on a canvas and see the story that emerges is an area of my writing portfolio I plan to explore more.

Burn – after reading

I spent 10 days in Afrika Burn in 2017. This is my journey throughout those days captured in a collection of daily journal entires within a publication on Medium titled Burn, after reading. Prelude to a strange adventure Everyone says it will change you. They say...

Meeting Maboneng: Discovering a place of light amid the big smoke

I’d never really thought of Jozi as anything other than a concrete jungle. Buildings, fast paced living, smog – those were my unexplored, narrow minded preconceptions. But the great thing about a career tied to craft beer is that it takes you on a winding journey, if...

Here’s how to make the ideal chai tea

Have you ever had the experience of tasting a dish or drink, that you’ve had many times before, in a completely foreign location and suddenly you’re seeing it in a whole new light? I had that with the most wonderful cup of chai tea not too long ago, on a trip to the...

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