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“Andrèa is a conscientious writer who has a real talent to empathically channel the mindset of her audience. Her delivery of content is thorough and she consistently brings a surprisingly left-field alternative perspective to group brainstorming sessions – challenging the status quo and pushing the creative boundary forward. She relishes the challenge of the obscure and works well collaboratively as well as individually. She is certainly a valuable asset for any creative team.”

Jon Cherry, Innovation Consultant and Futurist, Cherryflava

“Andrèa is a creative powerhouse and her enthusiasm and passion for the projects that she commits herself to is contagious. She has an extremely advanced creative conceptualisation and gets to the heart of the matter very quickly. Her witting style is flexible to the subject matter required and she has the ability to effect the required emotion be it passion, concern or humour in her content. On top of this, she has a great eye for detail and holds a high standard of professionalism in her dealings. My only hesitation in recommending her is that it will require sharing her talent :)”

Robyn Smith, Founder, Faithful to Nature

"I have worked with Andrèa for a few years now and her capacity to consistently create magical work never ceases to amaze me. Her talent lies in her ability to see the bigger picture - to bring all of the team's individual ideas together into an extraordinary whole. She is bold, driven and incredibly hard working. Andrèa knows how to capture the essence of a project, both visually and conceptually, and bring it to life. And she'll put her heart into every project and that's why you always get her best.

Tanya Heathcote, Food stylist and Recipe Developer

As a writer, the best friend you can make is an editor who understands you better than you understand yourself. No matter the content, give Andrèa your writing and she will turn it into an article better than you could have yourself. A true editor is one who can shape content perfectly, and Andrea is a true editor.

Sigrid Kenmuir, Copywriter, Kind | Copy

"I was about to create my own website for my private practice as a pastoral therapist. Trying to find the right words made me get professional help – Andrèa. We met over coffee and I shared the story of my dreams and goals of my private practice. Andrèa listened attentively and it seemed she understood more of what I wanted than I knew myself. She composed landing page and about page copy and content for me, that absolutely stunned me. It felt as though she was drawing a picture with words that described me in a way I had not seen myself. Her mastering and playing with words is absolutely amazing.

Muriel Kossman, Pastoral Therapist & Counsellor, Rekindle

Andrèa is extremely passionate, energetic and creative. Aside from being a master of copy-writing, she has broad talents applicable to most areas of online and agency marketing, with the rare ability to contribute and steer all parts of the creative marketing process. She is able to form creative ideas, develop them into a strategy, execute and oversee the implementation and then still edit and polish off the final campaign as well. An idea machine, she's a great collaborator on creative projects and I would highly recommend her skills on any project requiring a high degree of creative input and output!

Rob Heyns, Founder, League of Beers & Steel Cut Spirits, Alcohol Buyer, Yuppiechef

Additional Services


Made From Scratch Content

Original content based on creative DIY that’s not stitched together from other Pinterest projects.

Examples of my DIY Content

Consulting & Ideation

Invigorating, left-field ideas on ways to innovate your brand, product or space.

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About Page Stories

Your relatable brand story told in a compelling way.

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Content Series

Want something engaging, longer term and brand relatable for, say, a newsletter or e-course? You need a brand narrative offering.

Examples of Content Series

Product Content

I write real product user experiences with personal relatable stories and how-to guides.

Examples of Product Content

Creative Copywriting

Stories, narratives and a little more introspective writing.

Examples of Creative Copy

For any other content needs, get in touch for a personalised quote!

Featured Writing Samples

Faithful to Nature Newsletter Sampling

I've worked with the Faithful to Nature team for close on a year in various iterations, some full time heading up all content aspects of the marketing team (from photography to content, copy and design) and some part time focusing solely on content and copywriting....

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Why you should join the #stopthe100billion movement

It’s safe to say we live in a pretty fast moving world. And in our best efforts to succeed in this world, we’ve become rather dependent on the caffeinated fuel that keeps us going – coffee. But for all the many cups we buy, surely there is a displacement somewhere?...

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Why Beer is Better

I was approached to write the argument for why beer is better for the Superbalist Beer vs Wine debate in The Way of Us while heading up the League of Beers crafty content. They wanted a woman's opinion who actually drank beer. This is what they got. “If she prefers...

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3 reasons you should be cooking with a pestle and mortar

A slow, rolling thunder fills the kitchen. The anticipation of something spectacular reverberates on the counter. It’s an earthly sound, quite unlike the electric churn of a kitchen appliance: the rhythmic rumble of a pestle and mortar. It is said to be one of the...

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I believe the power to connect brands with customers, makers with users in an engaging manner lies in interweaving the story that makes you so interesting to why your consumer needs your offering.

‘What’s the hook?” I always say.

So, tell me, what makes you interesting?

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