Wondering what a creative content writer thinks about? This is where I collect my bite-sized thoughts and mindfulness oriented intuitive writing. Best suited for short break time reads, work distractions or inside-out musings while waiting in queues, I call these my ‘coffee-time quickies’.

Overcoming your personal brand of eye gook

My poor dog, Shumba, always gets this gook in his eyes. Most mornings, he blinks his still handsome hello at me through a thick, goopy slime. My vet attributes it to dry tear ducts. Basically, he’s crying snot (my dog — not the vet). Every morning, while I undertake...

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The reason why I write

In hindsight, it’s always been about cultivating an understanding of the story; the reason why I write. Getting down to the truth, finding the ‘why’, the insight, behind any experience or adventure is the kernel that inspires me to share a different perspective...

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A slacker’s quest for balance in a wobbly world

Nothing in life is certain. Not your family, not your career, not your friends, not your understanding of home. As nature intended it, we are all constantly evolving — our biggest pain often springing from our very desperate and firm grasp on expectation and...

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