This is a small selection of my creative writing portfolio. It consists mainly of the things that tickle my fancy and are then explored and expressed in a deeper, more insight seeking voice along with one or two other examples of where creative writing spills over into general content.

The Art of Following Breadcrumbs

A magazine spread layout created for the Dutch Magazine Happinez. The layout, inspired by my own process of discovery, speaks to a more intuitive way of heeding the often over-looked compass signal’s of life.

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A slacker’s quest for balance in a wobbly world

Nothing in life is certain. Not your family, not your career, not your friends, not your understanding of home. As nature intended it, we are all constantly evolving — our biggest pain often springing from our very desperate and firm grasp on expectation and...

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Burn – after reading

I spent 10 days in Afrika Burn in 2017. This is my journey throughout those days captured in a collection of daily journal entires within a publication on Medium titled Burn, after reading. Prelude to a strange adventure Everyone says it will change you. They say...

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Skin deeper – a short narrative essay on permanence

I’ve wanted a tattoo for as long as I can remember. But I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted, I just knew I wanted it. Like little girls who grow up just wanting that perfect wedding day — they might not know why they want it so badly — but just that they do — a...

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Inspirational snippets for a content mini series

While working at, one clever marketing guru had the idea to turn the wonderful recipes created into downloadable desktop wallpapers. I always enjoyed writing the introductory snippets for this series as a light and fun way to connect with our community...

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