About Me

Creative expression is like oxygen to my brain. With the right words and visual narrative – the world transforms.

Hello. I’m Andrèa Fedder

As a multi-passionate creative, skilled in a vast background of creative fields, I understand what drives creatives and makers.

With over 7 years experience in e-commerce and online content writing, I know how to write and edit engaging copy and tell relatable brand stories.

I am highly attentive and intuitive with a sharp eye for detail. I can quickly assess visual spaces and layouts and am geared towards optimising the whole to convey the heart of the brand. 


I enjoy a life filled with sustainability, tasty cooking, painting, yoga, travel and ample time connecting to nature in order to reflect a mindful perspective in my writing that resonates with those seeking their own journeys of intentional living.


If you’re wondering about the picture – this is me in my creative element. Maybe the sign says ‘bad advice’. Maybe it says ‘badass advice’. Remind me to tell you about it over coffee.

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.”      – Seth Godin

My Skills

I’m passionate about intuitive storytelling and creative brand engagement.

I write and edit web copy for creative individuals, makers and entrepreneurs who believe in putting it all on the line to chase their dreams.

I also create content for big & small companies who inspire better living through their content.

Sometimes I even consult for brands looking for creative innovations.

My background in art direction for film and theatre, product design, content creation and later e-commerce platform content management, as well as the development of my own creative projects have shaped me into a creative generalist and writing specialist able to see big pictures and share compelling narratives.

  • Copy & Content Writing
  • Creative Conceptualisation
  • Website Architecture & Design
  • Product Reviews

I’m a nut for words and aesthetic design.

And I get creatives.

Let me inspire the world with your story. 

I like stuff that challenges and grows the spirit. This is me when I’m not wordsmithing.

→ Sat on a 10-Day Silent Vipassana meditation course

→ Co-created Oceaneers.co – a community platform intended to inspire reductionism for the sustainability of our oceans

→ Currently 3/4 way through a 365 challenge of my own miniature paintings

→ Completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

→ Three-time theme camp member at AfrikaBurn

→ Travelled North Vietnam by motorbike (and got the scar to prove it)

→ Ran the Knysna half (21km) in Vibram Barefoot Shoes

→ Couchsurfed my way down the East coast of the US

→ Climbed an active volcano – Mount Batur, Bali

→ Established a small range of own designs under the Carrol Boyes brand

I offer free website reviews. Seriously.

Send me your site and I’ll give you my first impressions on what you can improve.

Andrèa Fedder Writer & Content Creator |  hello@andreafedder.co.za