As a multi-passionate creative, skilled in a vast background of creative fields, I get what voice and aesthetics draws people in and makes them want to stay.

With over 9 years experience in e-commerce and online content writing, website and learning design I know how to write relatable and engaging content.

I’m highly attentive and intuitive with a sharp eye for detail. I can quickly assess visual spaces and layouts and am geared towards optimising the whole to convey the heart of the project or brand.


I enjoy a life filled with sustainability, mixed media art, a wildly messy but abundant kitchen, yoga, travel and ample time connecting to nature in order to reflect a mindful perspective in my work that resonates with those seeking their own journeys of intentional living and a deeper connection.

People want to connect with what’s real and honesty and beautiful and gritty and creative expression is like oxygen to my brain. With the right words, aesthetic and visual narrative – I really believe the world transforms.

“People do not buy goods and services.

They buy relations, stories and magic.”     

– Seth Godin

My Skills

My background in art direction for film and theatre, product design, content creation and later e-commerce platform content management, as well as the development of my own creative projects have shaped me into a dynamic writer, artist and all-round creative able to see big pictures while overseeing all the details and sharing compelling narratives throughout.

For a full run down of my past work experience and detailed skills list, please hop on over to my LinkedIn Profile. 

  • Web Copy & Brand Content Writing
  • Creative Conceptualisation & Innovation
  • Website Architecture & Design
  • Painting (bodies, murals & art)
  • Creative Writing
  • DIY & Rennovation
  • Learning Design

What people are saying

“Andrea is a conscientious writer who has a real talent to empathically channel the mindset of her audience. Her delivery of content is thorough and she consistently brings a surprisingly left-field alternative perspective to group brainstorming sessions – challenging the status quo and pushing the creative boundary forward. She relishes the challenge of the obscure and works well collaboratively as well as individually. She is certainly a valuable asset for any creative team.”

Jon Cherry

Innovation Consultant and Futurist, Cherryflava

Andrea is a creative powerhouse and her enthusiasm and passion for the projects that she commits herself to is contagious. She has an extremely advanced creative conceptualisation and gets to the heart of the matter very quickly. Her witting style is flexible to the subject matter required and she has the ability to effect the required emotion be it passion, concern or humour in her content. On top of this, she has a great eye for detail and holds a high standard of professionalism in her dealings. My only hesitation in recommending her is that it will require sharing her talent :)”
Robyn Smith

Founder and Ceo, Faithful To Nature

“I have worked with Andrea for a few years now and her capacity to consistently create magical work never ceases to amaze me. Her talent lies in her ability to see the bigger picture – to bring all of the team’s individual ideas together into an extraordinary whole. She is bold, driven and incredibly hard working. Andrea knows how to capture the essence of a project, both visually and conceptually, and bring it to life. And she’ll put her heart into every project and that’s why you always get her best.
Tanya Heathcote


As a writer, the best friend you can make is an editor who understands you better than you understand yourself. No matter the content, give Andrea your writing and she will turn it into an article better than you could have yourself. A true editor is one who can shape content perfectly, and Andrea is a true editor.
Sigrid Kenmuir


I enjoy challenges that grow the spirit.

  • Sat on a 10-Day Silent Vipassana meditation course
  • Co-created – a community platform intended to inspire reductionism for the sustainability of our oceans
  • Completed a 365 daily painting challenge of my own miniature paintings
  • Completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
  • Three-time theme camp wrangler at AfrikaBurn
  • Travelled North Vietnam by motorbike (and got the scar to prove it)
  • Ran the Knysna half (21km) in Vibram Barefoot Shoes
  • Couchsurfed my way down the East coast of the US
  • Climbed an active volcano – Mount Batur, Bali
  • Established a small range of own designs under the Carrol Boyes brand
Andrèa Fedder Wordsmith, artist & creative consultant |