I’ve been fortunate to work with brilliant individuals, inspiring minds and brave believers in their own journeys.

As a writer, we pen that which we know. In my case, my portfolio covers food, lifestyle, sustainable living and experience-based articles. This is a selection of content I’ve conceptualised and crafted for various South African based e-commerce brands and products.

For me, there are three truths to producing meaningful content. One, it can be like shouting into an already noisy room. Two, everything’s been done before. Three, you can only measure the size of the stone’s ripples after you’ve cast it into the lake. 

To those notions, I say this. Speak anyway – your voice is unique. Dig deeper and you might find something new to say. You don’t measure connection. You feel it – just be authentic. 

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Andrèa Fedder Writer & Content Creator |  hello@andreafedder.co.za