For retailers, finding an original spin to Christmas gets harder and harder each year. In 2015, part of our content series around Christmas focused on the intention behind the gift. These are some of my favourite content pieces written for that series:

Nutribullet: the gift of health

Being healthy is not a genetic quality. It’s a state of mind you need to want and practice daily. But sometimes it can be hard to get to that place of wanting it because the knocks life deals us derail us from the strength and dedication it takes to keep wanting to be healthy. So, if there’s any one dear to you that you wish you could will the wanting to be healthy upon, here’s why gifting the Nutribullet is really the ideal gift of health.

The Nutribullet takes being healthy to a whole new, really effortless level. With a super strong motor, powerful blades and compact design, it’s basically like a giant vitamin pill, a health bullet that jump starts your day in one simple step. When you gift this you’re giving someone you care about an easy in to the world of health, a transformative kitchen appliance that will not only inspire them to blitz daily goodness but shows them how easy it actually is to practice healthy habits.

Gift the Nutribullet High Speed Blender.

AMT Non Stick Pans: the gift of ultimate convenience

Since cooking dinner is something we are committed to doing most nights, it’s really not ideal if it becomes a chore instead of a pleasure. And for someone who does experience cooking a meal like that, any one of the AMT Non Stick Pans really can be the ultimate gift of convenience and joy. Here’s why.

It’s one thing to slave over a hot stove for the love of your family, so they can enjoy home cooked food. It’s another thing entirely to truly experience a love for cooking it too, finding comfort in the flip and sizzle of a juicy steak or stirring butter seared beans. When you gift world class cookware, this is the experience you’re guaranteeing them, one where cooking is pure pleasure and cleaning; completely effortless. You’re not only gifting the best part of preparing a meal, you’re also giving kitchen confidence and a virtually limitless capacity for discovering a love for cooking.

Gift an AMT Non Stick Pan.

Le Creuset Halo Kettle: the gift of me-time

The tea breaks we take during our power working hours are our sacred pockets of time to either get out of our heads or to get lost in our thoughts. If you know anyone who’s been working really hard this year and deserves some quality tea breaks in the coming chapter of their life, here’s why a Le Creuset Halo Kettle is the best gift for me-time.

When you’re pouring your all into a vision you believe in, those moments where you lift your gaze are far more effective when you’re gazing at taking in something beautiful, something that says ‘you deserve this’ or ‘you earned this’. The gentle boil of water on a flickering, blue flame, while the steady steam rises, the promise of your favourite brewed leaves is the unhurried moment you’ve worked so hard for. So, this year, for your hard working freelance friend or maybe the stay at home mom, give the gift of quality me-time.

Gift a Le Creuset Halo Kettle.

Yuppiechef 20 Piece Cutlery Set: the gift of eating together

We can’t beat this drum enough, but the simple act of sharing a meal with friends and family really is a life enriching practice to take on. So, if you know anyone who is still eating microwaved meals alone on their couch on a Sunday, here’s why a quality cutlery set is the best gift to inspire sharing good food.

The self nourishment of a home cooked meal is such a simple practice and the setting of a table marks the beginning of this period of intentional time dedicated to the enjoyment of good food.

So whether this is a meal for one or for a table of many, there are few things better than the labour of love that goes into cooking and watching this food be enjoyed by others. And a stunning set of cutlery is the best incentive to inspire setting a table and sharing homes, hearts and food with friends.

Gift the Yuppiechef 20 Piece Cutlery Set.

Govino Picnic Glasses: the gift of the great outdoors

With lives spent largely indoors, in front of screens, any time to unwind under a canopy of leaves is a restoration like few others. If that thought inspires you to think of someone who longs for more moments in nature, sharing quality vino with loved ones, here’s why Govino Picnic Glasses are the gift of the great outdoors.

For those of us who enjoy our alcoholic refreshments in the glasses they were designed to be appreciated in, the promise of a picnic likely conjures thoughts of swaddling our glassware in tea towels and moments of careful packing. With the clever innovation of the almost weightless, plastic Govino Picnic Glasses you’re gifting peace of mind and the opportunity to enjoy spontaneous sundowners without having the taste of your bubbles or vino affected by ill suited cups. They’re not only kid and barefoot friendly but they’re any glampers dream, the ideal gift for quality outdoor time.

Gift the Govino Picnic Glasses.

Aeropress Coffee Maker: the gift of slowing down

We’ve all become pretty used to living in the fast lane and cramming our days full of as much activity as life demands. So, if you know anyone who could do with some quiet time before their day begins, here’s why the Aeropress is really a gift of slowing down.

In many cultures making tea is a practice, a meditation. There’s no reason your coffee has to be a one shot wonder. Making coffee in the Aeropress not only offers you a beautifully smooth extraction of caffeine to start your day but also requires you to get up a little earlier to make your morning cup. So, when you gift this, you gift sacred me-time, space to think and reflect before the busyness begins and you gift a portal into a community of passionate coffee lovers. It’s the ideal lifestyle accessory for anyone who wants to add more authenticity to their day to day.

Gift the Aeropress Coffee Maker.

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