Lifestyle content can swing two ways in my book. The first comes about when there is no product, brand or recipe to generate customer facing content around, but there is still a question. It can be around any number of aspects around custom, tradition or even trends and habits. If explored in a meaningful way, this type of content could provide a valuable connection with your audience because you’ve taken the time to find the overlap in your objectives and their needs.  The second is lighter and filled with inspiration. It becomes a space where I like to intuitively tap into what an audience might want to read to be inspired or delighted and then go about finding the most creative way to bring that to life. These are some examples of my lifestyle content writing.

Could you live on 100l of water a day?

It’s 7:43 in the morning. I’ve just had a blitz shower — taps go on, you soak yourself, cut the water, soap everything that needs washing and lathering, taps go on again for a quick rinse and you’re done. I silently say farewell to all the ballads and great ideas...

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How to make a herb wreath

There’s something quite charming about weaving age old tradition into your festive celebrations. And because we’re all about the whimsy of this Yule tide lately, we thought a little creative project would go down an edible treat. Keen to make a herb wreath for your...

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Why I’m doing Christmas differently this year

This is it. That moment when you know you’re about to sit down to write something you’ve been ruminating over for weeks, conceptualising over quiet lunches. I make myself a cup of coffee in preparation. But this time, I add a dash of cinnamon. This coffee has big...

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How to have the best winter and why this way is such fun

The way we see it, there are two ways to tackle winter. The first way, much embraced by the masses, is to grimace out the window, wishing away the palette of grey and lashings of rain. This way also involves scurrying through your day, swaddled in blankets, counting...

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