Juices are, to me, a little bit like colour therapy. Some mornings I need the calming energy of a green juice, other days I crave the passion and power of this red beety beauty.


Makes: enough for 4 servings

1 large beetroot
2 grapefruits
3 red skinned apples
2-3 radishes (depending on how peppery you like it)
Ice, for serving
Mint, for serving

We made this red juice in the Phillips Avance Electric Juicer which requires little prep of the veg thanks to the large feeding tube. We also did a juice test of three juicers – to see which one would be best for you read the article on the juice test.


1. Get your juicer all ready and set up and your ingredients prepped. Depending on the type of juicer you’re using, you may have to cut the ingredients into pieces suitable for the feeding tube.
2. You don’t have to cut the outer skin and pith off your grapefruits, the juicer will separate most of it out for you, but you might get a slight bitterness and foam from it so just play around and see which method suits you best.
3. Feed the ingredients into the juicer tube and juice. Remember to use the correct setting for hard or soft ingredients if your juicer offers to settings. I usually juice on the setting that is required for the majority of the ingredients and then switch the juicer off for a brief period, only then changing to the next setting to juice the remaining minority ingredients.

For upping the ante on presentation, place the glasses into the freezer with the ice cubes already in them. They’ll frost up nicely and keep the juice cold for longer. Warm juice just doesn’t quite cut it.

Serve with additional ice cubes and some mint for a pop of colour.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. Feel free to also add in the occasional carrot for a bigger veggie boost.

Article originally written for and published on Yuppiechef.com