A content writer, editor and concept generator – that’s what I would call myself.  With several years experience managing, crafting and writing food and lifestyle-oriented content for various South African based e-commerce companies, my brand of writing aims to be intuition-lead and able to speak into the heart of a story, destination or brand. Honest writing should be experience-based in my book.

In hindsight, it’s always been about cultivating an understanding of the story; the reason why I write. Getting down to the truth, finding the ‘why’s’, the insight, behind any experience or adventure is the kernel that inspires me to share a different perspective through writing.

Mostly I find this connection in metaphors. Thinking creatively about life, allowing fields of reference to pool into one, has given me a way to extract the commonality from a story so that it resonates with a broader audience.

I grew up in a family of book publishers, librarians and map makers, always musing about journeys, picturesque words and the topography of life. My mother taught me from a very young age that I could always find the answer to my plethora of ‘why’s’ in the pages of a book (that is before Google came along). And then there was my grandmother, with her patiently told tales of life on a farm in the Groot Marico; South Africa’s North West.


“What you think you become. What you feel you attract. What you imagine you create.” – Buddha (or so they say)


→ 10-Day Silent Vipassana meditation course

→ Completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

→ Experienced 10 days with a theme camp in AfrikaBurn

→ Travelled North Vietnam by motorbike

→ Ran the Knysna half (21km) in Vibrams

→ Couchsurfed my way down the East coast of the US

→ Climbed an active volcano – Mount Batur, Bali

→ Established a small range of own designs under the Carrol Boyes brand

   Feather  ∼ (german) Fe•der   f   , -, -n

a    (=Vogelfeder)  feather  OR  (=Gänsefeder etc) quill

“ich greife zur Feder ” ∼  I take up my pen … 

Birds and their feathers fascinate me.

As an ever-present theme in my life, I am inexplicably drawn to them – the near translation of my surname being just a rare coincidence.

A friend once likened me to a hummingbird because of my tendency to flit from one sweet thought to the next, finding my calm and stillness through rapid movement.

They bring me a constant sense of what I hope to convey through my words – strength, grace, dexterity and movement. But a sense of balance above all else.

Being completely governed by my intuition, I will take flight when the time is right, or nest when there’s reason to do so. I will peck at a story until it cracks open if I believe there is a nutritious seed inside.

Beyond that, birds and their many feathers represent a simultaneous diversity and oneness to me, that is not unlike us humans.

As I have collected feathers, pressed them, worn them, used them as bookmarks and turned them into ink quills, so too I hope to collect many varied, beautiful human stories, at once completely unique, yet still part of the greater.

Now, let’s tell your story.



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Andrèa Fedder Writer & Content Creator |  hello@andreafedder.co.za