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Andrèa Fedder (AF) that’s me – writer for online copy and content, artist on walls and canvases and creative thinker with brands and in spaces. I am deeply passionate about coming up with impactful ways to convey the ‘why’ behind a brand, story or concept. Crafting and conceptualising creative ideas, copy and activations that allow people to connect to something beautiful and worthwhile and real is what it’s all about.

The Art of Following Breadcrumbs

A magazine spread layout created for the Dutch Magazine Happinez. The layout, inspired by my own process of discovery, speaks to a more intuitive way of heeding the often over-looked compass signal’s of life.

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Sustainability Pillars – 11 Reasons to be Faithful to Nature

A brand piece for Faithful to Nature’s 11th birthday. I chose to parallel this copy, which was to summarise their brand and business values, with sustainability and eco-living goals in order for the content to resonate with their readers on multiple levels.

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Can you think yourself well?

We use our grey matter every day – to solve problems, analyse, and often, to plain old’ overthink stuff. It’s this overthinking that brings about so much stress and anxiety – the comparisons, the second-guessing, the self-doubt. And yet, why when we use this powerful...
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Herb wreaths: the festive equivalent of a zen garden and why you should make one this season

DIY content for Faithful to Nature’s festive season. Instead of just listing the ‘how to’ steps for a wreath I made, this type of content also offers a path to mindfulness by paralleling it to a holistic Eastern practice.

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PR copywriting for Sugarbird Gin

Uncovering the true spirit of why a craft gin brand was born in these commissioned PR copywriting pieces for Sugarbird gin.

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Why I stepped it up and switched to the cup

An honest and vulnerable content piece written for Faithful to Nature on my personal journey and experience in using a Moon Cup.

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Food-tuition: How to structure content that offers genuine engagement

A project worked on at Yuppiechef (conceptualised as a 7 part email series) with the aim of offering genuine engagement to the reader by guiding them through a food journey of self-discovery.

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How to carve a pumpkin

Self-carved pumpkins for some DIY Halloween content with a more elegant and less gory take.

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"Andrèa is a conscientious writer with a real talent for empathically channelling the mindset of her audience."

Jon Cherry

Innovation Consultant and Futurist

"She's a creative powerhouse with an extremely advanced creative conceptualisation, gets to the heart of the matter quickly with the ability to effect the required emotion in her content."

Robyn Smith

Founder and Ceo, Faithful to Nature

"Her talent lies in her ability to see the bigger picture - to bring all the individual ideas together into an extraordinary whole. Andrèa knows how to capture the essence of a project, both visually and conceptually, and bring it all to life."

Tanya Heathcote

Food stylist and Recipe Developer

"No matter the content, give Andrèa your writing and she will turn it into an article better than you could have yourself."

Sigrid Kenmuir


"Her creative work is authentic, textured and fresh while carrying an honesty and vulnerability that resonates with a broad range of audiences."

Paul Galatis

Names & Faces Founder, Non-executive MD, Yuppiechef


Articles, blog, PR- and web copy or newsletters that get to the heart of what you do.

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In-bound marketing and creative collaborations that build audience relationships.


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Brand interviews, origin stories and About page content that show why you do what you're good at.


Cleaner, compelling, platform suitable and typo-free content that makes people keep reading.

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